SY L'Esprit du Nord  is a high
performance sailing yacht with all the
luxury of a cruiser.

Her racing hull combines sleek water
entry with a wide transom for stability.

L'Esprit has won a first, a second and a
third in the 'Cruising Class' at Antigua
race week.

She is a supremely comfortable
cruising yacht combining elegant
living and sleeping accommodation
with sailing performance.

Sunbathe on the spacious teak decks.  
Choose your own bay to sip cocktails
and watch the sunset.  Explore the
enchanted islands where cruise ships
never go
L'Esprit du Nord  
50ft Farr Design Beneteau
So, if it is cold, if it is raining or if it
is snowing where you are,  come to
where we are, take the helm or just
sit back and enjoy the azure blue
waters of the Caribbean as the
islands glide by.
E-mail :         Telephone: 1 (847) 343 5432          Skype:  lespritdunord